Ever seen chameleon in action when you step on the red line  incidentally? Yeah, it happened to me on this April while I was on my way home in Nankang Taipei….. I was so intrigued by the colour contrast appeared on the skin of a lizard and thought that was really cool to have two different colour outfit in one piece, one is its native and the other was camouflage. But hang on this was not really working too well as the red only covered the limbs and tail of this lizard. I reckon that could make it even more distinguishable for trouble as a target! 




Two palm size spiders who appeared from nowhere very lately @ my place,  could not tell what type of species they are by their appearances, and they look like:



I was told they could prey on bugs and small cockroaches, but they may not make web just like what they always did in the wild.  Any more clue about them or pics identifiably matched to them?

Benefits of coffee drinking

Coffee consumption has a long term healthy benefits! In this very latest research article published in Arthritis & Rheumatism has the answer for it! According to Canadian scientists, Choi & Curhan’s research article published in the latest “Arthritis & Rheumatism” journal (see as quote:

” The risk of gout was 40% lower with coffee intake of 4-5 cups per day and 59% lower with 6 cups per day, compared with no use. We also found a modest inverse association with decaffeinated coffee consumption. These associations were independent of dietary and other risk factors for gout such as BMI, age, hypertension, diuretic use, alcohol consumption, and chronic renal failure. The current study provides the first prospective data about the inverse association between coffee intake and risk of gout.”


“Caffeine (1,3,7-trimethyl xanthine) is metabolized by demethylation, and the major human pathway results in paraxanthine (1,7-dimethyl xanthine), leading to the principal urinary metabolites of l-methyl xanthine, 1-methyl uric acid, and an acetylated uracil derivative. Caffeine and other methyl xanthines were shown to competitively inhibit xanthine oxidase in in vitro and in vivo studies of rats. Similarly, caffeine may reduce the risk of gout via xanthine oxidase inhibition in humans. However, because administration of caffeine lowers insulin sensitivity in humans, this action of caffeine may increase the risk of gout, although these effects may not persist during chronic caffeine consumption. Of note, complete tolerance can develop after several days of caffeine use with respect to humoral and hemodynamic variables such as blood pressure, heart rate, plasma renin activity, plasma catecholamines, or urinary catecholamines. Reflecting these opposing possibilities of the effect of caffeine on the risk of gout, our results suggest that long-term intake of caffeine per se may not be a significant net contributor to the risk of gout.”

What is your view?

Electric mini-scooters in Taipei

“Mini-scooters would be regulated as a slow-moving vehicles according to the Road Traffic Management and Punishment Law in Taiwan. Drivers would be required to observe the same traffic regulations as those operating other slow-moving vehicles, but would not need to have a drivers’ license.” Sounds funny?

Given Taipei already a city crowded with so much traffic, primarily due to the motor powered scooters, is it possible to bring this law as a measure into effect by mere legislation in the Parliament? I don’t think it will but let’s see….. (During the peak hour in Taipei, I could easily find myself “entrapped” by scooters in my own car) .


Wanna know more about the north end county (named Yilan) Taiwan?  you may visit the following site for more info: yilan-english.gif!76C62F76D705240D!152.entry

Why You Are KINd of Genius?

This really should be the very first article to post……. What You Are KINd of Genius=YAKING just means I will be yaking with people through this internet place, hopefully I can link up with some friends who are out of my reach physically @ the moment. I mean I do not want to yak like the pic lies beneath: 


 Chat later…..